A list of game versions and future updates.

The Next Version Will Include: Edit

  • Routes 11-8: 25%
  • Lumberwood: 40%
  • Tonic Town: 30%
  • Lucid Ruins: 90%
  • Route 17 and Safari Zone: Not Started.

Version 0.4 (not released) Edit

  • Added Route 11, Dominique's Point, Tonic Town, and Lucid Ruin.
  • Added Mysterious Program.
  • Added Kirk's sidequest and the first (REDACTED).
  • Created first three floors of Tonic Town Casino. (Still bugged.)
  • Wonder Trading?

Version 0.3 Edit

Version 0.32 Edit

  • First public release!
  • Created Berry Bike Race, version 1.
  • Added several NPCs.
  • Added first original pixel art.
  • Early Online Battle System; not fully implemented.
  • Fixed several broken moves. (Several secondary effects still not working.)
  • Ended carnival.
  • Some level adjustment and bug fixes.

Version 0.31 Edit

  • Added Region Map.
  • Added new splash screens and title image.
  • Added dev trainers.
  • Added new evolution stones.
  • Fixed Escape Rope.
  • Various bug fixes and changes.

Version 0.30 Edit

  • Added Route 12, Route 14, Aton City, Eastern Subway, and Frailwood.
  • Created Bike Race prototype; not fully implemented.
  • Remade TM database.
  • Implemented two of the three custom weathers.
  • Changed Snover+Abomasnow's type to Normal/Ground.
  • Old Rod is now available in Aton City.
  • Added signs and items to existing routes.
  • Some level adjustment and bug fixes.

Version 0.2 Edit

  • Added Route 13, Route 12, Route 6, Melan Grove and Stim Town.
  • Finished tutorial, unlocking Poke Balls, Pokedex, and introducing the Rival, Nina.
  • Added some edited sprites for Kielo forms.

Version 0.1 Edit

  • Created custom intro.
  • Added Oneir City and Route 16.
  • Completely rewritten Pokedex.
  • Edited 80+ Pokemon into Kielo Forms, with new types, abilities and movesets.
  • Added first day/night traders.
  • Not much to do so far. Enjoy the Freeplay Map!

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