In-game map of Kielo.

The Kielo Region is the primary setting of d.Red.

About Edit

Kielo, officially the Reformed Kingdom of Kielo, is one of the world's oldest Pokémon-inhabited regions. After being abandoned for centuries, humans are finally returning to claim it.

In this adventure-filled land, trainers can explore modern cities and mystical ruins or sail across majestic Kori Bay, all while hunting Pokémon in unique Kielo forms, which can't be found anywhere else in the world!

Towns Edit

  • Oneir City
  • Melan Grove
  • Stim Town
  • Aton City
  • Tonic Town
  • Wandering Outpost
  • Verdic Town
  • Gestalt City
  • Manifest Village
  • Collector's Island
  • Hamony Cove