So, what are some of the unique features that d.Red can offer? I'm glad you asked!

An Authentic Pokémon Experience! Edit

d.Red is a throwback to old-school Pokémon games, accessible to old and new players alike. Explore a diverse region, collect over 150 Pokémon, defeat eight Gyms, and become the Champion, foiling Team Rocket's plans along the way. That's a whole game right there! But you're not just here for a regular Pokémon game, are you? That's why this game also offers...

A Compelling Story! Edit

Experience a subtle, unsettling narrative in a world crafted by an accomplished author and poet. Meet strange and interesting characters, uncover the Kielo region's tangled history, and travel alongside a plucky, carefree partner who may be more than she appears. While you have no obligation to stray beyond the main quest, there's a mystery lurking in the heart of Kielo, waiting for those with the courage to seek it out.

Kielo Forms!Edit

While Kielo is full of familiar faces, many of the Pokémon in this region have evolved into unique forms over time. Kielo Form Pokémon have brand new appearances, types, movesets and abilities, and sometimes other surprises as well! In addition, the Kielo Pokédex has been rewritten from the ground up.

Bike Races!Edit

Bicycles are good for more than just riding around! Race against other trainers for profit and prizes!

The Online Battle System!Edit

Not feeling challenged by the regular game? Battle NPCs from around the world in this hardcore challenge mode, with four different tiers of combat to prove that you're the very best!

And more to come!Edit

  • An original soundtrack!
  • Gambling!
  • New outfits!
  • Two small Safari Zones!
  • Timed dungeons!
  • Multiple endings!
  • More secrets than you can shake a stick at!